CryptDisk rscdisk

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developer:RS Computer Vertriebs Gmbh Co KG
size in Kb:1,029
platform: Windows, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.x, Windows XP
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CryptDisk rscdisk

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Description:   Cryptdisk encryption on the fly Optimally protect sensitive data with RSCDISK. RSCDISK is a complex application that can be operated for the protection of sensitive data of several protected virtual drive assemblies under Windows NT/2000/XP. CryptDisk can be used on PCs, Notebooks and Servers. CryptDisk uses the combination of high reliability with simple data handling, which is an irreplaceable tool when dealing with sensitive data in most varied operational areas. RSCDISK provides and operates in a Windows protected virtual drive assembly. With this you can easily work with old, unprotected data and media because the data is coded "on the-fly" during the writing to the protected drive assembly. It is then decoded during the reading of the drive. This is substantially different to material drive assemblies. Coded contents of a protected drive assembly are stored physically in the corresponding image file; found on a data medium, usually a non-removable disk. Passwords (passphrase) and/or external keys are required to access protected drive assemblies. If you install RSCDISK on your computer, you are ensured that unauthorized users will not be able to read your confidential data. After a protected drive assembly has been opened by means of password and/or external key and/or USB Token, access to the data contained on the drive is exactly the same as accessing data on conventional drive assemblies. If a protected drive assembly is closed, all data contained on the drive is closed immediately and reliably codet to the image file. - Using Master / Slave Token - Two factor authentification - Single-Sign-On available - Your data can be encrypted with the International Encryption Standard AES with 256-bit encryption key. - Automatic on and off of coded Disks with USB Token control. NT4 Version please download link

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